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What is Florence Rubik's Cube Open 2016?

Florence Rubik's Cube Open 2016 is a Speedcubing Competition. Speedcubing is the activity of solving a Rubiks Cube or related puzzles as quickly as possible.

Where and when?

29 May 2016
Via del Cavallaccio 1/Q


How much does it cost?

The entrance fee will probably (!) be 7 euro per person. Please consider registering in advance, since it simplifies the planning for us.

For beginners...

There will be plenty of time to test the equipment (for example the official timing device, the Stackmat timer) and discuss the rules if you have questions. However, every competitor should have read the official WCA regulations at least once before attending the competition!


Please feel free to write an email to cubingitaly@gmail.com.